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GoPro Inc., leader of the world’s most functional cameras, introduced their highest performance devices last September. The Go Pro Hero 4 has easy powerful features with built-in touch display for convenience. This device is available in two editions: HERO4 Silver and HERO4 Black. If you search GoPro Hero 4 review on the net you will find that these new products immersed as the top selling brands last year and are still hitting the charts today. Again if you carefully observe the GoPro Hero 4 reviews you will find that most of the reviewers have bought the product and they are likely to choose the silver one.

Here we provide you a GoPro Hero 4 review on built-in application and software only, based on our own experience. Below, we provide also a GoPro Hero 4 review by the customers based on their genuine experiences after purchasing the product. If you feel that you are adequately acquainted with the product and wanted to purchase it, you may click the banner at the right top, other wise you may continue your reading to know more about Go Pro Hero 4, or you may also go to  GoPro price or GoPro sale.


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GoPro Hero 4 Product features

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Go Pro Technical Specs. This camera weighs 3.9 ounces. It’s sleek and portable design is perfect when mounting it to your gear. With the ultra wide angle glass lens, users can get a magnificent and unique shot and footage of great landscapes. GoPro Video Quality. The product features a high-quality of 1080p30 and 720p60 video. It has user-friendly modes such as SuperView (video mode that captures wide angle perspective), QuikCapture (allowing the user to power on and record automatically with just a single press of the button), and Auto Low Light (a mode that can change frames based on the lighting condition) as well as its integrated housing that can let you capture videos and photos underwater for 131′ (40m).

Gopro App software

GoPro Hero 4 Review on Built-in Application and Software. The camera has a built in microphone that allows users to capture and record audio moments and includes a skeleton backdoor that enables audio during low-speed activities. You can also download free the GoPro Studio software using your smartphones to pair your HERO4 product using wifi access. Thus, you can control your camera with the software’s remote control access for more convenience.

GoPro Hero 4 Review by Customers

Here are some useful and authentic review written by customer who like to share his valuable experience on Go Pro Hero 4.

Excelent Camera

by Alex

This is the first time I’ve ever had a high quality camera, so I will write from that perspective. I’m not going to compare it to prior models or break-down a comparison to other action cams. This review is just about the camera itself and how to possibly get the most of it.

First and foremost let me say that the quality of the video is absolutely stunning. I think GoPro cameras are mostly meant for video but even their snap shots can be quite amazing too. I have always liked photography but could never justify spending $600+ on a camera I probably wouldn’t even use that often due to bulk and lenses. As a mountain biker, I’ve found myself craving to get some of the stuff I do on video. I’ve been wanting to get a GoPro for some time and have put it off until my birthday finally came around and my wife bought me the recently released Hero 4 Silver. I didn’t order it on Amazon because I didn’t want to wait 2 days to get it haha. We went to a local store and we almost bought the Hero3+ Silver edition but my wife convinced me to get the Hero4 instead and boy am I glad she did!

Let me say off the bat some of the problems I’ve experienced so far:

1. The battery life absolutely sucks. One battery is not enough to get you through almost any activity. I think it lasts even less time if its hot. You will need at minimum 3 batteries. I will be ordering a Wasabi dual battery charger with 2 extra batteries later today.

2. When uploading your vids and pics to the computer it will ask you if you want to clear the SD card. ALWAYS say no. I’ve lost pictures and videos that have failed to upload TWICE already. I have no way of knowing if it was due to the software not downloading it or if it just failed to record. So download everything, check to make sure it downloaded everything, and THEN delete afterwards.

3. A 16gb SD card will not be enough. You will need a minimum of 32gb and I would go ahead and just get the 64gb card to have some peace of mind. Also make sure you get a Class 10 SD card. GoPro has recommendations on their website. I have a SanDisk Extreme. It will improve the quality of your videos. Don’t go cheap on the SD card, you will regret it.

4. One of the frustrating things about a brand new camera is that all the kinks are going to need to be worked out. GoPro releases some updates for this. So far some people have reported Wifi issues (though I have not had any). Its also difficult to figure out some things because they are new cameras and there is still not a lot of information out there yet. It took me an hour to figure out how to take time lapses. Basically you need to select burst mode and then hit the options button on the side of the camera. That little detail was nowhere to be found.

5. As a newbie camera owner I have come to realize that a lot of the GoPro success is due to amazing video editing. They include a software that makes the process easy enough to do some cool vids but you might end up hitting a wall at some point and yearn for some other editing (and more costly) software. I haven’t hit that wall yet but I can see it happening. That being said you will not be able to get away with just buying the camera to get good shots. You will need a lot of accessories and there will be a learning curve to understanding what settings to use and where/how to mount and record. This will cost time and money but is actually a big part of the fun.

Some of the things I love about the Camera:

1. Timelapses are AWESOME and so easy to do. There is a lot of room for creativity with these.
2. Super easy to use once you learn the controls or download the app to remote control from your phone.
3. There is a video + photo mode. This is super cool because you can set the camera to take pics while its also recording video. You can end up with some really awesome photos like this.
4. I love how small and versatile this is. I plan to use this on all my vacations. Its not a burden at all. I also use it for my mountain biking.
5. My friend is a professional photographer and hates the distortion (fish eye effect) but I think its one of the things that makes this camera so versatile. You can capture so much!
6. The sound recording on this was a lot better than I expected.
7. There are tons of accessories to make this camera capable of doings A LOT.

Some advice:

1. Some GoPro (OEM/Official) mounts suck. So make sure you research and read reviews before you buy anything. Sometimes the aftermarket is better and sometimes it isn’t.

2. Get a few mounts right away or you won’t be able to enjoy the Hero4 the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

3. This bears repeating: Get some more batteries!!!

4. Watch GoPro videos and learn how people get good shots. Watch how they edit their vids to make them interesting. Then proceed to step 5.

5. GET CREATIVE. It is so much fun to try new shots and experiment with this camera. The shooting process and editing process should be FUN for you. Otherwise, you are spending money on a camera you will not use much. Save your money if you’re not into that sort of thing.

6. Teach your significant other how to use it. It will make the story you show in your vids better when it comes from multiple perspectives.

You might be asking why is this review a 4 stars if I think its such a great camera. I would gladly give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for some of the problems I mentioned above. I think if I didn’t have missing/deleted vids and photos due to software/recording error I would have probably given it a 5 star despite some of the other minor issues. Overall, its a great freakin camera and I think for my intended purposes its almost perfect. If you want a convenient lightweight versatile camera for traveling and action/sports, this camera is a must buy. I will update this again after another month or two of use. Maybe by then the issue will be resolved and I will update to 5 stars. Hope this review helps!

UPDATE 12/10/2014:

Ok I’ve had some more time to use the camera and make some videos. Here is what I’ve learned:

It took me a day or two to learn to use the GoPro video editing software efficiently. The best way to learn to use the editing software is to search on Youtube for videos that show you. Its actually pretty easy and makes the process pretty painless. Depending on what computer you use, the software can be really slow when it comes to loading the videos and exporting them. Flux is a feature that smoothes the videos but takes even longer to export. It takes a long time on my computer and I have an intel core i7 (2.8ghz) with 8 gigs of ram. My graphics card is a somewhat low-end card. I’m not sure how much faster this would be on a Mac or a high-end computer, but you can probably still expect to leave the computer working while you walk away and do something else.
I think the average person will be very satisfied with the gopro software, because its very easy to use once you get the hang of it. Keep in mind that you should be excited about editing the videos. If watching film you’ve recorded and creating a story through some video editing is not something that appeals to you, don’t buy any video camera because you will probably end up not using the footage and eventually not even the camera.

Another warning:
If you do enjoy all of the above, you will want ANOTHER camera. Once you realize you can get much cooler videos by getting different angles from multiple cameras, this hobby quickly becomes a bit of an obsession. Fortunately, you can buy the lower end model GoPros and just use the Hero 4 Silver for 4k videos or higher-quality shots. I will probably end up buying another GoPro camera in the near future.

Update 1/2/2014:

I had someone ask about the sound quality of the camera and whether an external microphone was needed. Here is my response:

It all depends on several things.

Do you plan on using the sound from your video? I’m assuming yes, but keep in mind many people usually play music over their vids.

What activity will you be doing? This matters because the sound quality improves depending on the type of back-cover you use. The completely water-proof one has the worst sound quality. The one that is completely open has the best sound quality. So if you’re doing an activity where you expect some or a lot of water you may not be willing to use the open-back one. You may have to use the one that is soft for touchscreen but not submersible. This will affect the quality but it might still be “good enough”.

How important is sound quality to you? An external mic is probably not necessary when you have the best possible set-up (see above). Then again, if you care a lot about sound quality or want semi-professional/professional quality, then a mic is almost certainly necessary. I know that the GoPro production team uses an external mic, so if you want to produce quality sound, you will probably have to get one.

Try out camera first with a few different set ups. Then decide if the sound quality meets your expectations. It exceeded mines when I played a volleyball game with some family. It was able to pick up my sisters voice clearly on the other side of the net, about 20 feet away. Thats good enough for me (at least for now) to not have to buy an external mic.

Great Camera

By Bees

A lot of people ask themselves if it’s worth to buy the GoPro 4 because the GoPro 3+ also seems to be a very good choice. I’ve had the GoPro 3+ and now I bought the GoPro 4 so in this review I’m going to help decide.

To start off with, the Menu system of the GoPro 4 is a lot easier and faster to navigate. Selecting menu options doesn’t require scrolling then selecting then exiting to choose it. Also, a one touch “settings/tag” button replaces the Wi-Fi button which works great because you don’t need to scroll through the menu to find it. The “Quick Capture” feature which allows one touch recording when the camera is OFF, is a great feature since it takes less than 2 seconds to begin recording. The LCD menu system is also much quicker and easier to navigate. Also very high frame rate at 4K/15 and 1080/60 which is incredible. WVGA/240 is still available which wasn’t disclosed in the advertised specs that I read. The LCD for the GoPro 3+ works fine with the GoPro 4. The cameras are the same physical size therefore all GoPro3+ accessories work except for the battery.

I recommend the GoPro 4 over the GoPro 3+ so spend the extra money if you want to capture near professional quality video with a camera which is and faster and easier to use.

Summing up the GoPro Hero 4 Review
The Good: This product delivers the best video and photo resolutions up to 4k at 1080p, 30fps, and 120 fps. It is sleek and portable. It has the best video quality with the most shooting options. The Bad: You cannot use old batteries for older version. No option for digital stabilization of image. You need to mount the product to its housing to make the product waterproof.


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